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Shopper Thoughts ROI is a place for consumers like you to share your experiences and thoughts on shopping. This helps retailers and brands to develop the right products and to create the best shopping experience they can, for you.

A great opportunity

The Shopper Thoughts ROI community not only gives you the opportunity to voice your opinions, but by participating in surveys, polls, discussions rooms and other engaging activities, you will directly shape the decisions that retailers and brands make over the next few years. All activities are optional – members do not have to complete everything and in most cases will only be sent the activities most relevant to their profile.

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Amazing rewards

As well as shaping the major decisions that the retailers and brands make, there are other benefits to participating in the Shopper Thoughts ROI community. You can earn Shopper Thoughts ‘points’ which can be redeemed in a number of ways and gain entries in our ‘monthly prize draw’ for the chance to win ‘bonus points’. Community ‘badges’ are awarded to recognise certain milestones throughout your time on the community and you’ll be given an overall ‘member status’ level.

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If you have been invited to join Shopper Thoughts ROI it’s because you are registered with a retailer or brand (e.g. Tesco.com) and have indicated that you are happy to take part in market research opportunities.

We welcome all types of people to join the Shopper Thoughts ROI community. However, you do need to be over 18 years of age, live in the Republic of Ireland and to make sure that you are eligible for most of our activities, you’ll need to complete our profiling and registration survey and keep your information up to date.

You will be given regular opportunities to take part in activities which are relevant to you. You are completely free to choose whether to participate in any of the activities we invite you to.

You are under no obligation to stay in the Shopper Thoughts ROI community for any longer than you wish. Each activity invitation that we send will give you an opportunity to unsubscribe or you can log in and terminate your membership within your member profile.

Anyone found to be misusing the Shopper Thoughts ROI community - either by posting inappropriate material (e.g. swearing in a discussion room) or falsely participating (e.g. answering all questions in a survey with the same answer) will be notified, removed and will not be contacted again.

The information that you and other Shopper Thoughts ROI members share with us will be used by retailers and brands to help them improve their products and services. Your personal details will never be passed to anyone outside of Shopper Thoughts ROI for marketing purposes.

Shopper Thoughts ROI is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information. Your privacy and the trust you place in us when you provide your personal information is important to us. Our Privacy Policy aims to answer questions you may have about how we collect, use and protect your personal information.

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